And so it begins

As we reach September, 4 year old Benji is due to begin an official ‘full-time education’. We decided almost 2 years ago that home education would be a good fit for our children so we’re ready to begin the adventure together. I will continue to be a stay-at-home mum and will get to witness every discovery they make, every word they learn, every friendship they develop and every hurdle they encounter.

For the first few years of home education I want to introduce a wide range of subjects and topics to spark a lifelong enthusiasm for learning. We will be taking inspiration from the National Curriculum for England, instead of the Northern Ireland Curriculum, due to the availability of supporting resources. The beauty of home education is that we can choose what we would like to learn about based on each child’s interests, and we are not restricted to a particular subject area or year group. Indeed, we will also be going above and beyond the curriculum when interests are expressed.

At the minute we are using a lot of resources from Twinkl – I appreciate good quality learning materials and they have the best selection that I have come across. This year we will be working through a year-long nature curriculum called Exploring Nature With Children. Each week we will take a themed nature walk and throughout that week we will delve deeper in to the theme by exploring related art, literature and science among other subjects.

On top of that we fill our days with drawing, colouring, painting, toy cars, trains, play doh, lego, puzzles, baking, cooking, gardening, bike riding, grocery shopping, housework, play fighting, dancing, swimming, exercising, chatting to each other, spending time with friends and family and trips to parks, farms, beaches or whatever else takes our fancy on the day.


My overall aim is to teach my children how to learn independently as they get older – I will demonstrate how to research and where to source materials, how to develop ideas, how to communicate with people of all ages and positions and generally be enterprising. I want them to come out of their teenage years as experts in their chosen field(s), and with the qualifications they need in order to achieve their goals.


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